I Try This Thing: Gubernija Duonos Gira Kvass

This past Christmas season I started the tradition of decorating my own tree. I pilfered borrowed a spare small white tree from my home in Savannah and smuggled took it up to Athens, where I live most of the year. After assembling it, fluffing up its hopelessly scraggly branches, and decorating it with all my ornaments, I realized I had a problem.

It was duck-heavy. Literally.

For some reason, 80% of the ornaments I had on the tree were figures of ducks or ducklings. But the biggest problem with the tree was the lack of a tree topper.  Keeping with unintentional theme, I made do by tying a large Aflac duck plush toy to the top of the Christmas tree with a rubber band.  The unfortunate outcome was a sharply leaning, tremulous tree that quivered with each passing step.

I knew I could do better. I needed to diversify. 

So after Christmas I went on a determined hunt for discounted ornaments. I stopped by World Market, and browsing the clearance shelves when I came across this aluminum beauty:

Yummy crouton drink?

Yummy bread drink?

Though I could find no English other than “soft drink” on the can to tell me what this thing was, I was intrigued by the barrel-rolling goats on the design.  So I bought it and brought it to my lair.


A further examination of the ingredients yields no results.

A further examination of the ingredients yields little else but “breadcrumbs”

After some internet sleuthing, I figured out that this was a traditional rye-bread soft drink from Lithuania.  It’s actually a beer brewed from rye bread with a low alcohol content of 2.4%.  I’m a big fan of craft beer, but in this case, I had no idea what to expect. So bottoms up!






My first impression was that the thing smelled like wet bread.  Not very appetizing.  But when I tentatively took a sip,  I realized that the drink bore no relation to its smell whatsoever.  More of a soft drink than a beer, the kvass was sweet and malty with a nice rye aftertaste. It’s been a while since I had a soft drink made without high fructose corn syrup, and this kvass made me realize how cloying its American counterparts can be. My verdict? Would drink again.

Also, I ended up buying more duck ornaments- a pink one and a blue one.  So in a way you could say I achieved some sort of balance with my Christmas tree. Maybe.


  1. stephanie B "Burkle" says:

    Hey girl, I love the site! So informative. I am commenting because I thought this story was exceptionally funny. hen you started out the whole thing I thought you were gonna say you ended up using the empty can as a tree topper, not gonna lie I could totally see t being a possibility.

    Anywho, I think I am gonna try your avocado salad tonight, can’t wait!

    • stephanie says:

      I did the avocado salad, I didn’t wuite follow your directions, but I had the same ingredients, except I added cucumber! It was sooo delicious; my mom and daniel ate it. I would be careful with portions, its so filling! Thanks for the recipe!

      • lily says:

        Ahh hey Steph! I’m so glad you like the site/recipe! Let me know if you want another kind of recipe and I’ll design one especially for you! :)

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